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traditional soap making | soap cutting machine April 15, 2016

soap making machines

Working with Lye

Before you begin, it’s important to understand a little bit about working with lye. An individual can’t make soap without it. Lye is usually known as sodium hydroxide. The chemical impulse between lye and fats produces a solid soap, also known as your saponification process. Therefore, you have to be cautious and protect yourself during projects like this. Wear plastic gloves, goggles, and an attire to help protect your skin. Several fumes may rise when mixing lye with water, thus be sure to move your face aside. The fumes will only last one to two minutes.

I have a cup bowl that I’ve dedicated only to using for the lye /water solution, as well as a wooden spoon. These were “retired” coming from my kitchen cupboards, so it doesn’t offer an additional cost. You can find a thing suitable at any pre-owned store. Do not use aluminum as well as copper, it will react with the lye.

You may not be able to buy lye in a very grocery store (at least in large cities), but you can find this online. I’ve always been able to find the idea in the local hardware store near the strain cleaning supplies. If you are planning on building a lot of soap, have them get some for you. When you invest in it, make sure it is 100 percent sodium hydroxide like the one in the picture on the left.

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