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aussie soap making supplies | wholesale soap making supplies April 15, 2016

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Businesses that are investing in a drycleaning equipment, whether as a replacement for outdated equipment, an additional machine or even a sole machine for a start-up organization will need to plan the purchase caref…

Firms that are investing in a drycleaning machine, whether as a replacement for old equipment, an additional machine or a single machine for a start-up business will have to plan the purchase carefully, analyzing several factors before making the final choice.

Inevitably the kick off point will be the choice of solvent. A wide range of solvents is now available and the alternative may seem bewildering. The aim this is to provide straightforward information to assist cleaners in making an informed choice as the solvent choice will have far reaching effects on the company.

The first factor to consider will be care labelling. Circle A, which covers all mercially used drycleaning, is rarely seen now and the understanding is that only perc (indicated by circle P)?and hydrocarbon (circle Y) are officially covered.

It is very important be aware of this because if a garment or textile fails in cleaning and it has been cleaned out in a solvent that is not specific on the label, the manufacturer or perhaps retailer may refuse any kind of responsibility.

For this reason, these ents mainly refer to perc and hydrocarbon because they are the laundry olvents that are normally used in the UK. Both have an established track record and are supported by a range of well-researched and reliable laundry?etergents and spotting products.

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