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Ancient Guiness… February 1, 2007

Well, this has been a long time coming (in more ways than one). In fact, Kyle gave these to me over a year ago. Anyway, this is for all the Guinness lovers out there. A few summers ago while Kyle was out at Baffin Island (way up north), he found two bottles on the beach. Bottles of Guinness. Well, the most astonishing part about this was (other than the fact there were Guinness bottles on Baffin Island) was what the bottles contained. A bit of history, the best beer company in the world dropped a bunch of bottles in the Atlantic Ocean in 1959. What they unfortunately didn’t account for was the Gulf Stream, which may have swept most of the bottles up north. Oh yah, he found two, so we opened one (someone actually found one a while back, but it was never opened. And one was just sold recently, too.

So with further ado, here are the contents of the “1759-1959 Special Bottle Drop (Atlantic Ocean) to celebrate and commemorate GUINNESS BICENTENARY” (click on the images).

Firstly, a small commemorative label:
Guiness Label

Second, a note about how to make a commemorative lamp:Guiness Bottle Message

Then we have a note about labels Labelogy Part I and the second side
Labelogy Part II

Then there’s a note about the goodness of Ovaltine (who doesn’t like malted milk)?
Guiness and Ovaltine

This is a note from the shipping company (not sure if they exist anymore) to contact them and “hear something to our advantage”. And a prize?

And my favorite part of the contents: A map!

There was also a booklet about the creation of Guinness and other facts, but I haven’t had a chance to scan it in yet. And hopefully they’ll learn about dumping stuff in the Atlantic the next time they it in 52 years.


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