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Who is NOT the 2006 NBA MVP? April 18, 2006

OK, Mo has been ranting and raving to me about the MVP race. First things first, I’m going to go through all the MVP candidates that can’t be MVP.

The major players are Steve Nash, LeBron James, Dwane Wade, Dirk Nowitski, Chauncey Billups, Kobe Bryant, Tony Parker, Carmelo Anthony, and Elton Brand.

Now, let’s drop everyone who’s in the Eastern Conference. The Leastern Conference is the weakest it has ever been. There are only 4 teams ABOVE 500 right now. That sort of devalues the 50 win mark since are about fifty games played in the conference. Take a look at LeBron, who’s had a great stretch run. Since March, the Cavs went from 32-26 to 49-32. That’s 17-6. But 17 of those games were against teams that were below 500…ouch. Check out the Magic getting hot in here. Anyway, I’m sure everyone gets my drift. Sorry, Dwane, Chauncey, and LeBron.

Which now leaves us with Nash, Dirk, Kobe, Carmelo, Parker, and Brand. Let’s eliminate the easy guys first…

There’s Tony Parker. Having a career year, has the hottest girl in the NBA, a great french accent, and the only guy who can call Duncan, “Timmy”, and get away with it. Forget about the career year, just for that, he should get a couple of votes. But a crippled Duncan is still producing as much as the Frenchman, so it’s a no-go for Parker.

Now I’m not really feeling Elton Brand either. He’s averaging 24, 10, and 2.5 blocks a game. Nice stats I guess. But he’s really been averaging this for his entire career. He increased 4 points a game, but MVP? I don’t even think he’s the MVP on his own team, that probably belongs to Cassell. I don’t think that Cassell has ever had a losing season, and they went from 37-45 to 46-34. They’re essentially the same team as they had last year, except for Mobley and Cassell (losing Simmons and Radmanovic only played 30 games). If Mo, Vishal, and I ever figure out how to run stats on this stuff, I’m willing to bet that Cassell was the reason they were this good. In fact, I’d also be willing to bet that the Clippers would have ended up with the same record replacing Brand with Shareef.

So who are we left with? Kobe, Nowitski, Carmelo, and Nash. Man, this probably deserves a lot more thought and it’s own article…to be continued…


1. Ally Hecimovich - May 27, 2006

Kobe for MvP!!!!

2. dedrick labat - August 1, 2006

dwane wade got mvp no dought about it