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How to fix the Back and Forward buttons in AJAX February 22, 2006

Before we start explaining our fix, check out the finished product here: Popist Browse Page.

The popist browse page retrieves all the results by AJAX calls. When we first did the page, it didn’t have the back button functionality working, so if you did another search on the page and pressed the back button, you would end up on the page you were at before you reached the browse page, instead of the previous search. It was a ticket for a long time on our TRAC until we finally decided to fix the issue.

Now if you do a search and …

An Introduction to Click Fraud and its Detection

We are all familiar with the sponsored ads in the right hand column of Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine. Everytime somebody clicks on one of those ads, the advertiser pays the search engine for that click, with the hope that the lead will convert. Advertisers pay from a few cents up to several dollars for each click, so if somebody were to click several times for no reason on their ad, the money could potentially begin to add up very quickly. This is the essence of click fraud on pay per click search engines, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, …

The Beginning… February 13, 2006

After years of depending on the source of all knowledge and wisdom (Google), to give us the solutions to our problems, TJ and I have finally decided to start giving back in the form of this blog. It is our hope that fellow web developers looking for a solution to their random problems will somehow stumble upon this and find what they are looking for.